Frequently asked questions about non-wood forest products

1 - Enhancement of production

a - How can we manage forests to increase NWFP yields? (0)

b - How can we ensure continuity in quantity and quality in NWFP production? (0)

c - How can we reduce interannual production variability? (0)

d - How do improved varieties of plants affect NWFP production? Which are they? (0)

e - How do different harvesting techniques affect NWFP yield? (0)

f - Can continuous wild NWFP harvesting affect future yields? (0)

g - How can new tools deploy NWFP harvesting on a larger scale? (0)

h - Which NWFP might be new alternative crops for Mediterranean forests and rangelands? (0)

i - What are good practices for intensive management of cultivated NWFP? (0)

2 - Profitability

a - How can we assess NWFP quality and ensure a fair price for forest owners? (0)

b - How can we maintain the economic profitability of a NWFP business? (0)

c - How can we add value to a product? How can we monetise its production? (0)

d - How can small forest owners get fair access to markets? (0)

e - How can we group forest owners around a project aiming to value a product other than wood? (0)

f - How can we combine revenues from different sources for landowners and how can we assess their profitability? (0)

g - How can mechanical harvesting of NWFP be deployed? (0)

3 - Improvement of the working conditions and training

a - Can we define common labour standards for each country? (0)

b - Which solutions favour an optimal working environment? (0)

c - How can we improve the safety of the isolated harvesters? (0)

d - How can we improve remuneration of NWFP harvesters? (0)

e - How can we link NWFP value chain with sustainable rural development? (0)

f - How can we increase the expertise of NWFP producers and technicians? (0)

4 - Climate change adaptation & forest health

a - Which are the most important biotic stress factors affecting NWFP in relation to climate change? (0)

b - Which are the most important abiotic stress factors affecting NWFP in relation to climate change? (0)

c - How does climate change affect the resilience of woodlands producing NWFP and how can this be improved? (0)

d - Which are the best provenances of NWFP plants adapted to climate change and how can they be identified? (0)

e - In a context of climate change, how will the geographical distribution of NWFP change? (0)

f - Which integrated pest management schemes concerning NWFP exist? (0)

g - How is the geographical distribution of pests & diseases changing? Which new biotic threats are awaiting NWFP? (0)

5 - Forest multifunctionality

a - Does NWFP harvesting have an impact on tree growth or health? (0)

b - Does non-edible NWFP harvesting have an impact on wood quality? (0)

c - How does wood production-oriented forest management affect NWFP yield? (0)

d - What are the conflicting uses between woodlands, plantations and agroforestry systems? (0)

e - Is multifunctionality rewarded? (0)

6 - Forest management considering biodiversity conservation

a - Which sustainable harvesting practices preserve biodiversity and improve production? (0)

b - How can we prevent forest fire by NWFP harvesting? (0)

c - How can we restore damaged areas after forest fires through NWFP? (0)

d - Are mixed stands as productive as monospecific stands? How are they managed? (0)

7 - Ecosystem services

a - Which payment for ecosystem services schemes are currently being used? (0)

b - Which policies and tools favour payment for ecosystem services? (0)

c - How can carbon sequestration be quantified in woodlands? (0)

d - Are there other tools, besides payment for ecosystem services, to reward the multifunctionality provided by forests? (0)

e - Which innovative ecosystems services are not studied at this time? (0)

8 - Development of new products and derivatives

a - Which new products can be developed from edible NWFP? (0)

b - Which new products can be developed from non-edible NWFP? (0)

c - How does industry value molecules extracted from NWFP? (0)

d - What are the needs and expectations of consumers or users of new NWFP and their derivatives? (0)

9 - Certification, labels, standards and traceability

a - Which certification schemes or labels are applicable to wild-collected NWFP? (0)

b - How can small producers get certification for their product? (0)

c - How can harvesters certify that harvesting has followed a sustainable procedure? (0)

d - How can we guarantee the traceability of NWFP? (0)

e - How useful are quality labels for valuing natural products? (0)

f - How can we include edible NWFP as clearly identified and easily recognised items into the standard consumers basket? (0)

10 – Marketing

a - How can we promote awareness and consumption of NWFP? (0)

b - How can we promote territorial marketing of edible NWFP and their derivatives? (0)

c - How can we better value locally produced resources? (0)

d - How can ethnographic and cultural heritage be integrated in the product identity? (0)

e - How can we introduce new plants or products to the market? (0)

f - How can new markets be explored? (0)

g - How can we attract international clients? (0)

h - How can we link edible NWFP with gastronomy and tourism? (0)

i - How can we value marginal edible NWFP? (0)

j - What are the real production costs and how can the retail price of edible NWFP be adjusted? (0)

k - Do consumers show willingness to pay for quality in NWFP? (0)

11 - Legal framework

a - How can we improve the current legislation to reflect the reality of NWFP and better organise the sector? (0)

b - How can we develop a specific legal framework to encourage local populations to start producing and harvesting NWFP? (0)

c - How can we inform policy makers about the importance of legislation for improving the NWFP sector? (0)

d - How can we promote a participatory approach in forest management for NWFP? (0)

e - How can we have an adequate/equitable taxation system for all value chain actors? (0)

f - How can illegal harvesting, thefts and black market be reduced? (0)

g - How can we reduce the risk of poisoning? (0)

12 - Knowledge transfer & communication

a - Where can you access specific knowledge on NWFP? (0)

b - What is the state of the art of decision support tools for NWFP? (0)

c - How can we establish a database of NWFP in the Mediterranean areas? (0)

d - What are the pros and cons of bred and commercial varieties versus local ecotypes? (0)

e - How can we improve cooperation among NWFP producing countries? (0)

f - Where can you deliver your scientific or professional findings efficiently? (0)

g - Which tools, channels and platforms are the most efficient to link researchers with stakeholders? (0)

h - How can we correctly communicate the ecosystems values derived from NWFP? (0)

i - How can we replicate success stories? (0)